Ajoy Shaw

Ajoy brings to the table his vast experience in wine. He is one of the only Indian winemakers with an extensive knowledge of Indian viticulture and winemaking  and over 25 years of experience of making some of the best wines produced in India, under the most  challenging vine growing conditions. A wine taster, wine consultant and wine professional , who has worked in all winemaking functions with excellent knowledge of viticulture, quality control, and almost every style of winemaking.

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Ajoy vineyard

Swapnil Ballal

A seasoned Goliath  from the bio pharmaceutical industry, Swapnil has been at the top in many leading pharmaceutical companies. His experience of over 25 years and his ideas of a perfect wine prompted him to start this unique project.  As an aficionado of good wines, he likes to be involved with every process of winemaking.

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Satyakam Chakravarty

An IIM Bangalore graduate with rich corporate consulting and business operations experience of more than 20 years. Satyakam helps with defining and executing business and digital strategy.