Vivaz Natural Chenin Blanc

Label: Vivaz, true to its name is a celebration of life, aromas and flavours. This is the first Indian organic grape wine, naturally crafted unfiltered dry wine made without any externally added yeast or any chemicals. Vivaz Chenin Blanc perfectly pairs with most Indian food. A Limited Production.

Description: Chenin Blanc is a noble grape variety that goes into many different wines. Our Chenin Blanc comes from organically grown grapes, harvested at high ripeness (26 Brix) and crafted by Nature’s own loving hands without external addition of yeast or any other ingredients.

The result is an amber hued wine with a bold bouquet of ripe tropical fruit aromas on the nose inviting you to indulge the sip. On the palate, prepare to dive into a rhapsody of ripe fruit flavours and sweet candied fruits which flirt with the warm alcohol and a hint of tannins from the contact of skin and stems that gives a light to medium body.

These aromas and flavours linger on the palate for a long finish, much like how the carnival mood stays on long after the tableaux and the artistes revel through the night celebrating another glorious parade with laughter, conversation and good food. And while we’re on the topic of food, Vivaz Chenin Blanc perfectly pairs with the flavours of Indian food, be it fritters and starters or entrees.

This naturally crafted Vivaz Natural Chenin Blanc is a limited production of only 500 bottles.

Vivaz Cabernet Sauvignon

Label: Vivaz, true to its name is a celebration of life, aromas and flavours. This Cabernet Sauvignon is the first Indian wine produced in a ripe fruity poise. Crafted with minimal human intervention, this is a dry lightly filtered wine that harmoniously pairs with Indian climate and food. A Limited Production.

Description: Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly the king of red grapes and is the mainstay of winemaking bringing with it a generous helping of tannins, structure and alcohol. Once cannot merely consume these wines without falling in love with the boldness of the wine itself.

Our rendition of Cabernet Sauvignon adds a dash of fruits to the ensemble of blush and tannins. The result is a well-balanced medium body Ruby wine with sweet aromas of ripe red berries, a hint of spices and a flavourful fusion of bold tannins and dark fruits.

Vivaz Cabernet Sauvignon finishes well with lingering flavours like the euphoria after a spectacular performance. This wine is welcoming, playful, flirty and encourages you to take the lead. This wine has been crafted while keeping in mind Indian climate and food, both of which have strong emotional ties to our way of life. Vivaz Cabernet Sauvignon is a perfect accompaniment to the boldness of Indian food, especially if its barbecued, grilled or made in the Tandoor.

This lovingly crafted Vivaz Cabernet Sauvignon is a limited production of only 6000 bottles.

Vivaz Muscat

Label: Vivaz, true to its name is a celebration of life, aromas and flavours. Vivaz Muscat a radiant white wine, its floral symphony unfolds with the heady fragrance of musky white blossoms, delicately interwoven with whispers of rose petals. Crafted in a dry and spirited style, Vivaz reveals a bouquet of diverse flavors—from nectar-like honey to the juiciness of ripe peaches. The harmonious acidity pirouettes gracefully alongside the wine’s light-bodied elegance. Pair it with lightly grilled vegetables or freshly caught fish, and let the vivacity of Vivaz enliven your senses. A Limited Production.

Cheers to life, aromas, and flavors!