Our story begins in Goa

We are a bunch of Goa University alumni who’ve been in Goa, then left Goa and then kept going back to Goa. We are the proverbial “You can remove us from Goa, but you can’t remove the Goa from us” type. And can you really blame us? Goa is a place that brings people together like no other. You’re either in Goa or planning to go to Goa or awaiting your next trip to Goa. That’s it. No one’s ever said no to Goa!

We have come together to share with you some bottled magic which is reminiscent of your own experiences of Goa – the good times, the moments of fun, the memories, the happiness, the sunshine, the sunsets, the parties, the food, the Carnival, the adventures and the spirit (well, literally and metaphorically!) – everything that has inspired you to take a relook at whether you are just existing or living it up.

Oh, and as you may have guessed, the ‘Plateaux’ in our name is inspired by Taleigao Plateau, where Goa University is located and the Deccan Plateau where some of the choicest grapes produce some of the finest wines in this part of the world.

You think the best wines come only from Valleys? Then allow Plateau(x) wines to change your mind with our yearly tableau of one-of-a-kind wines which celebrate life as it is meant to be, an unadulterated extravaganza.

Viva India!!